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1. Are you feeling the heat coming off the engine?
2. Is your engine pinging in stop and go traffic?
3. Is your rear cylinder shutting down?
4. Using an oil cooler that only works while you’re riding?
5. Is your oil temp running hotter than 250°?

If so, then you are having HEAT issues and we have the perfect solution for your problem when you use our Fan Assisted Oil Cooler. Heat destroys the properties in your oil and the longevity of you engine making excessive HEAT an engine killer!

UltraCool’s Fan Assisted Oil Cooler has a 17 row heat exchanger, 190 CFM dual fans, a thermal switch that activates the fans when your oil reaches 210° degrees.


The Reefer Harley Oil Cooler

The Reefer Harley Oil Cooler


The Reefer Harley Oil Cooler is the best Harley-Davidson® Oil Cooler system in the USA. Drop your motorcycle oil temp up to 50 degrees and save your bike from over heating!

Available in Black or Chrome

Product Description


Chrome Cover     Oil Adapter

Dual Fans      L.E.D. Light

17 Row Cooler

Braided Oil Lines

Complete Kit, Ready to Install!

Goes well with these products:

FLO Reusable Oil Filter

FLO Reusable Oil Filter – Black

FLO Reusable Oil Filter – Polished

FLO Reusable Oil Filter – Polished




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